Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Cleveland School Floods from Big Storm!

Heavy winds with lots and lots of rain quickly over powered the drains of this Cleveland Ohio school and church. The administrator and the pastor made a quick ... READ MORE

Wind and Rain Strike Barberton

This large tree came down on this home in Barberton Ohio during heavy winds and wet ground. Emergencies can happen day or night but always when you least expect... READ MORE

Heavy wind and rain in Cuyahoga County

In the spring of 2019, prolonged wind and rainfall hit the southern part of Cuyahoga County Ohio causing flooding and wind damage to properties throughout the a... READ MORE

Storm knocks out sump pump in Olmstead Falls, OH

This beautiful finished recreation room in the basement of a home in Olmstead Falls flooded when the power went out from a recent storm. The loss of power knoc... READ MORE

Spring Micro-burst in Michigan

We are always "Here to help"! Team Fosdick's Storm Team was recently deployed to Michigan to help with flooded basements caused by heavy rains. The Spring stor... READ MORE

Tree Damage

A severe storm cause a tree fell onto the roof of this home. The tree caused roof damage which resulted in water damage to the interior of the residence. The ... READ MORE