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A hallway with standing water from flooding in Barberton, Ohio

Barberton, Ohio Business gets Inches of Water

Imagine showing up at work to discover this? 

Fortunately this owner knew what to do when they called SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton.  We were out there in no time.  Fast 24/7 emergency service will be there for you.  Just like this smart business owner.

water damage on a wooden floor inside a house near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Floor Damage from Water in Clinton, Ohio

Water can do extensive damage as you can see in this picture. You need the professionals at SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton to fix it right.

Sure you can save money tearing this out yourself but is it the best way? 

SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton will remove the damage.  We will install top notch equipment and monitor it daily until your home or business is dried properly.  Our anti-microbial chemicals we apply will minimize the chances for growth of harmful bacterias so you have the peace of mind you are protected from future issues.

Summer storming causing flooding inside a house near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Copley, Ohio Home Floods from Summer Storm

You go home after a long day at work, sit on the porch and enjoy a summer rain to relax. The next thing you know..... 

Water is everywhere!

Don't worry, just call SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton and we will be there.  Emergency service 24 hours a day.  Our job is to make it, "Like it never even happened."

a flooding inside a house after a storm near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Storm Clean Up Yourself in Portage Lakes, Ohio?

When a storm strikes it can be fast and ferocious.  We know to close our windows and take cover.  What we don't know is what to do after?  How do I get this water out?  Will I get mold?

Call SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton for professional advice.  We have the people, expertise and equipment to solve your troubles 24/7.

inside of a barn that had smoke damage near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Smoke and Soot Damage in Wadsworth, Ohio

Here at SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton, we are well trained with the latest techniques and are equipped with best equipment to get rid all of the smoke and soot that has damaged your home or business. 

We work closely with all the major insurance companies quickly and efficiently so we can get your property back to where it was prior to the unfortunate event. If a fire damage ever occurs, through faulty wiring or any flammable liquids next to a heat source, SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton is here 24/7 to make it look and feel "Like it never even happened." 

a blackened skillet from a kitchen fire near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Barberton Ohio Cook Top Fire

Any time you are cooking please keep your focus so this does not happen to you.

Call 911 before you attempt to extinguish a more serious fire yourself. It’s fine to have the fire department show up to find you have the flames already extinguished, but if you wait to call them, the fire might get out of control before you realize you need help. This homeowner was safe.

SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton was there to help restore the rest of the home and reduce the families stress. 

A white van in front of a SERVPRO warehouse in Barberton/Norton, Ohio

We dry out Commercial Warehouses too!

SERVPRO Barberton / Norton can handle the cleaning and drying for your industrial, commercial and office properties. Keep your business up and running with fast 24/7 emergency service.  Don't loose time or money by not calling SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton

A SERVPRO air purifier.

Clean and Dry your Business

Just because you don't see contaminants after water intrusion doesn't mean they are not there.  Proper cleaning eliminates what is left behind and fast drying will help prevent new ones from forming. SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton has that covered for you.

Aerial shot of lots of SERVPRO trucks and trailers near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Any type of equipment we need to dry your structure

SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton has all the equipment you need to dry you out after a flood or fire.  No matter the size of the loss we can handle get you life back together.

A truck filled with PPR and sanitization equipment near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Safety is our top priority

At SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton safety is our top priority.  Safety is not only for our customers but also for the crew members responding to your emergency.  As you can see this trailer is prepared and ready for whatever we might need to get the job done and keep everyone safe. 

The trailer is stocked with "PPE", personal protection equipment.  This includes tyvek suits, hard helmets, all sorts of gloves, boots, goggles and multiple face masks and respirators.

Additionally we keep first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and a chemical safety data sheet book.  We take safety and protection serious at SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton

a basement near Barberton/Norton flooded because of a broken pipe.

Broken Pipe

This loss was caused by a broken pipe in the ceiling of the second floor.  The water damage affected three floors of the home.  The water followed the patch of least resistance and puddled in the basement. 

The inside of a kitchen that's burned from a fire near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Extensive Damage

The fire started in the kitchen of this dwelling.  The damage caused by fire, smoke and water was so extensive the entire structure was damaged.  No room was left unaffected.     

The back of a dryer that's damaged from a fire near Barberton/ Norton, Ohio

Dryer Fire

Dryer fires are almost as common as kitchen fires.  After each use the lint catcher should be cleaned.  Also it is necessary to clean the dryer exhaust vent to prevent a fire loss.  

A kitchen stove, badly damaged from a fire near Barberton/ Norton, Ohio

Kitchen Fire

The most common fire happens in the kitchen and is usually caused by the cook.  Either the cook became distracted, fell asleep or in some instances left the home forgetting there was something on the stove.  Yikes!  

A building after a flood damage near Barberton/Norton

Flood waters

Believe it or not, flooding can happen anywhere in the US.  The water line on the doors proves how high the flood waters were which caused wide spread damage throughout the area. 

A SERVPRO Truck being loaded up in Barberton or Norton

Loading Up

One of SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton's semi trailers being loaded up with equipment to assist with storm damage down south.  "Ready for whatever happens", no matter the size of the wind and water damage.   

Flooding inside a house in Barberton or Norton

Winter Water

Frozen pipes can cause wide spread water damage with even the smallest of leaks.  This home suffered a frozen pipe and water was found in every room of the house including the garage.  

A flooded carpet inside a house near Barberton or Norton

Water Path

This winter's Polar Vortex caused a pipe to freeze and break at this customer's home.  The pressure of the water caused water damage to every room in the house.  

Fireman eating at table

Barberton, Ohio Fire Deptartment

Barberton Firemen enjoyed lunch provided by  SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton. As First Responders they put their lives on the line for us every time they are called. We wanted to thank them for their service. 

Three SERVPRO disaster recovery trucks near Barberton or Norton

Semis Ready To Go

SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton has the all of the equipment to handle any size commercial job.  Whether large or small we can do it all and make it "Like it never even happened." 

Apartment complex with a green SERVPRO truck in front of it near Barberton or Norton

Hurricane Florence Wind Damage

We were in North Carolina for the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.  The hurricane caused wide spread wind damage with ensuing water damage.  Our Storm Teams were there there to help! 

A flooded parking lot near Barberton or Norton

Pond or Parking Lot?

This picture is not a man made pone but a flooded parking lot.  With the amount of water in the parking lot just imagine the amount of water damage the structure suffered!

three men in PPE, Barberton/Norton Work Attire

SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton Work Attire

Our crews are highly trained and IICRC certified to handle losses that require Personal Protective Equipment, PPE.  The PPE keeps our employees safe from any type of bio hazard cleanup needed. 

Several green disaster recovery trucks in barberton/norton

Commercial Equipment

With our fleet that includes two semi trailers and 4 large desiccants we are able to dry the larges commercial building with ease.  Our desiccants have helped other franchises too!  

A drying tube being run out of a building near Barberton/Norton

Desiccant Drying

This commercial loss being dried out by one of our large desiccants.  As the equipment was being set up, the weather turned from warm with heavy rains to freezing rain, to ice then to snow.

Damage to a road from flooding near Barberton/Norton

Washed Away

Working out of state is hard enough, when assisting with Storm Duty it can sometimes be near impossible to reach your destination.  This road was washed out by severe flooding in Maryland.  

Trucks loaded up for cleanup and restoration in Barberton/Norton

SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton

Part of our fleet, the smaller part, "Ready for whatever happens" including a new trailer equipped for priority responding for securing property.  It includes permanently mounted generator and table saw.  Lots of room for building materials too!  

Plaque proving IICRC certification in Barberton Norton


SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton is a woman owned company.  Michal Fosdick, owner, has been in the industry for 22+ years.  Her many IICRC certifications speak for themselves and her notoriety within the industry speaks for itself.  

Two SERVPRO professionals preparing for cleanup and restoration in Barberton/Norton area.


SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton provides in house training.  The team is sketching the kitchen at our office.  Writing an accruate scope streamlines the estimating process. The sketch is the blueprint of the damaged area which is needed to create the estimate.  

Hurricane damage before SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton hurricane damage repair.

Hurricane Michael Destruction In Georgia

Hurricane Michael had devastating destruction throughout Georgia.  SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton traveled to assist with the clean up efforts. Our travel crews spent over 38 days on the road helping make it "Like it never even happened."

Green SERVPRO Vehicles about to perform water and fire cleanup and restoration in Barberton or Norton area.

Storm Team Green Fleet

Green Fleet preparing to leave with our Storm Team to assist those affected by disaster. Near or far SERVPRO of Barberton/Norton is here to help those in need across the country

SERVPRO vehicles ready for disaster relief in barberton and norton.

Our SERVPRO Green Fleet Ready 24/7 To Help Out Throughout Barberton and Norton

The sea of green....vehicles that is!! We are prepared for any sized disaster, whether it be a flooded basement, a pipe break, a kitchen fire, any time of day. We will be there to help!