Water Damage Photo Gallery

A hallway with standing water from flooding in Barberton, Ohio

Barberton, Ohio Business gets Inches of Water

Imagine showing up at work to discover this? 

Fortunately this owner knew what to do when they called SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton.  We were out there in no time.  Fast 24/7 emergency service will be there for you.  Just like this smart business owner.

water damage on a wooden floor inside a house near Barberton/Norton, Ohio

Floor Damage from Water in Clinton, Ohio

Water can do extensive damage as you can see in this picture. You need the professionals at SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton to fix it right.

Sure you can save money tearing this out yourself but is it the best way? 

SERVPRO of Barberton / Norton will remove the damage.  We will install top notch equipment and monitor it daily until your home or business is dried properly.  Our anti-microbial chemicals we apply will minimize the chances for growth of harmful bacterias so you have the peace of mind you are protected from future issues.

a basement near Barberton/Norton flooded because of a broken pipe.

Broken Pipe

This loss was caused by a broken pipe in the ceiling of the second floor.  The water damage affected three floors of the home.  The water followed the patch of least resistance and puddled in the basement. 

Flooding inside a house in Barberton or Norton

Winter Water

Frozen pipes can cause wide spread water damage with even the smallest of leaks.  This home suffered a frozen pipe and water was found in every room of the house including the garage.  

A flooded carpet inside a house near Barberton or Norton

Water Path

This winter's Polar Vortex caused a pipe to freeze and break at this customer's home.  The pressure of the water caused water damage to every room in the house.  

A flooded parking lot near Barberton or Norton

Pond or Parking Lot?

This picture is not a man made pone but a flooded parking lot.  With the amount of water in the parking lot just imagine the amount of water damage the structure suffered!